Madison Fraitag

The highly anticipated Revolution sushi and noodle bar has arrived on Mount Carmel, but is it living up to students’ expectations? -M. Fraitag

“(The spicy tuna roll) is mushy, but it’s good…I like that you have the option of them making it in front of you instead of picking it up in boxes already made” -Emilia Slabinski; freshman

“It’s way too expensive. It’s $10.50 for five pieces… It’s not bad for school, the service was good and it took two minutes to make.” -Bryan Ho; freshman

“(The noodles) are better than I thought they would be; it’s not Chartwells food. It kind of tastes like you’re going to a restaurant; it’s better than what you would normaly get here” -Alexia Petros; sophomore

“The service was good. It took like two minutes to make.” – Bryan Ho

“The line was pretty long, but that’s becaus it’s new.” -Emilia Slabinski; freshman