New Theater and Arts Center creating some drama

Charlotte Gardner

[media-credit id=2148 align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]As the first week of classes was upon the Quinnipiac students, many of them missed a detail in their previously picked schedule. If they chose a course in the Fine Arts department, their schedules gave them a new address for their class location instead of the usual building/classroom location.

Many of the students were left scratching their heads wondering if maybe their schedule had a glitch. But, in fact, Quinnipiac has made a new addition to their growing campuses. The Theatre and Arts Center has been allocated to 515 Sherman Avenue in a brand new building. Just down the road from York Hill, the new buildings are home to music classrooms and huge acting and drama classrooms.

With a nice common room, the building’s classrooms stretch high up and are painted black with the addition of bright stage lights and mirrors lining the walls. They have risers equipped in some rooms to create small theaters for the classes to enjoy productions. Music classrooms contain smaller rooms within for a more one-on-one lesson from the highly-knowledgeable professors. This new addition for the campus brings more attention to the fine arts community here at QU and by bringing the department together in one specific location is it able to bring all the courses together.

The off-campus location of the new building has caused frustration for some. Not every shuttle is able to pick up and drop off at the building and the shuttles that do, don’t run on the regular shuttle times. Many students have had to arrive too early or risk the chance of being late.

Sophomore Stephanie Chavanne said she understands the frustration.

“While it’s nice that the theater and music department has their own building, it’s very difficult to get to, especially for freshmen and sophomores who aren’t allowed to have their cars with them on Main.”

Kevin J. Daly, the Theatre Program Director, says that there are a few difficulties with the shuttle.

“I think this will work out.  I know there’s some bumps (as there are with anything new) but everybody’s working hard to make this as easy for the students as possible.  Any student with access to a car is welcome to drive here and we have plenty of parking.”

The Green Loop and Orange Loop run to the Theater and Arts Center but students have had to call Public safety to request another shuttle to pick them up after being stranded after class.

“Going forward I think students will find it easier to build their schedules in a way that allows for travel time to our building,” Daly said. “Our courses are not offered on the same time grid as the Mount Carmel Campus so they should be able to stagger their classes in a way that allows for transportation.”

With the knowledge that the new commute may be tricky for some, the Theatre and Arts Center encourages confused students to reach out if they have any transportation concerns. But most importantly, the Theatre and Arts Center stands to showcase the advantages of having a brand new facility that will improve the quality of all fine arts courses.

Although the commute to the new building isn’t particularly the most convenient, the new building is worth it. Creating more space in this department dedicates more opportunities for students at QU to expand their passion for drama, music and theater and is a welcome addition to the university.

“It’s really a special place– and could be a home for all students interested in the performing arts” Daly notes.