Chronicle Review: Stone Quarries win ‘Battle of the Bands’

Meghan Driscoll

WQAQ’s Battle of the Bands took place Saturday night and it displayed the various talents that Quinnipiac students have to offer. With the performances ranging from acoustic to pop punk to metal, there was something for everyone. There was a good turnout at the event and while Alumni Hall wasn’t packed, it was filled with a decent-sized crowd.

WQAQ was successful in picking acts that would appeal to everyone no matter what their musical taste. The event was put together well and ran smoothly, which made the experience all the more pleasant. Within five minutes, the next act was ready to start and little time was wasted. With great music, free pizza and soda, the Battle of the Bands made for a good time.

It was refreshing to hear bands that sounded good and possessed a lot of talent. Going to what is essentially a school talent show, it’s easy for someone to be apprehensive about what they are going to hear. The band The Stone Quarries took first place, winning $300 and the chance to play at both the WQAQ Spring Concert and May Weekend. The Stone Quarries were by far the best act of the night due to their fun songs and originality.

The Stone Quarries are made up of Quinnipiac students Bill Antonucci (bass), Mike Castro (vocals and rhythm guitar), Jon Sieg (guitar), Chris Campoli (drums) and Matt DeMello (keyboard).

Freshman Jessica Sares enjoyed the performances. “The bands seemed to have a lot of energy which is why I like going to shows,” she said.

One of the bands with a ton of energy was Angeles, which started off their performance with the song “A Shot in Mid Day Sky.”

One of the more disappointing, but humorous acts was The Kardiac Killers, which got a few laughs from the audience, though not for good reason. Overall its performance was poor and not well received by the audience.

The band Details, which took home second place, was entertaining and original. With good music and good stage presence, it was well deserving of its second place title.

Matt Alongi, who performed with Taront