Album Review: Fall Out Boy | “Infinity on High”

Ryan Nicholsen

Why it rocks: It’s only February and arguably the most anticipated album of the year just dropped. The Chicago-based pop-punk band Fall Out Boy’s new album “Infinity On High” presents a new side of a previously basic band. From the first track, “Thriller,” you can tell Fall Out Boy is going to try some new things. The track opens up with an introduction by label mate/owner Jay-Z. After Jay-Z proclaims “It’s here!” the pounding of drummer Andy Hurley’s skins sends the message that Fall Out Boy is definitely back. Jay-Z makes his last appearance on the album at the end of the song when he yells out “FOB!” Nothing against Jay-Z, but the album is better off without him. The rest of the record includes songs that are reminiscent of the band’s first album, “Take This To Your Grave,” as well as songs that sound like they’re continuing right off “From Under The Cork Tree,” making this the perfect third album. Where Fall Out Boy completely misses the mark is in the fifth track, “Golden.” There is nothing golden about this song. It’s a piano ballad with no substance that leaves so much more for the listener to desire. It might very well be their worst song ever. The song before it, “Hum Hallelujah,” offers an infectious chorus and bridge that incorporates a choir singing “hum hallelujah” behind Stump’s vocals that will leave you humming for the rest of the day. After you listen through this album in its entirety, you’ll be left admiring the range of Stump’s pipes and the vast improvement of Hurley’s drumming. They take home the MVP’s for this album.

Song worth downloading: “Hum Hallelujah”

Our rating (out of five): * * * *