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Trends to end this fall


[media-credit name=”Design by Madison Fraitag” align=”alignright” width=”262″][/media-credit]This summer was filled with amazing new things that have changed this hailed seasonal experience. New ideas and trends have flowed into this summer, more than most in the past, and have seemed to continually inspire more trends as it comes to an end.

But some of these trends are fading away while others are able to withstand the heat.

One of the better trends that was set this summer is crop tops. Although crop tops and ribbed shirts and tanks have been around for awhile, modern brands such as Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters are reconstructing the plain tops to better suit the progressive generation: the crops are getting shorter, the materials are getting weirder and the designs of these hot pieces are getting edgier.

A trend that can be left in the summer would definitely be camouflage.

Celebrities such as Jordyn Woods and Olivia O’Brien have been rocking camo gear as casual clothing and Kylie Jenner even added camo pieces to her online shop. However, just changing the color scheme of a pattern can’t change the pattern itself, and camo should just revert back to staying on cargo shorts for daily wear.

A new trend that has emerged from this summer is the comeback of some ‘90s fashion. One in specific that should stay is the return of the small sunglasses. Sunglasses with smaller frames and smaller lenses have been appearing in many fashion campaigns and have transitioned into everyday life seamlessly.

Ray-Bans have been creating smaller lenses in oval or circular frames in a variation of colors and the frames are able to suit a bigger variety of face types. The size of the glasses land in the “just-right” phase, so hopefully these sunnies don’t shrink too much more.

Another trend that will endure this year is the infamous bodysuit. After blowing up this past fall, one can only imagine how big the trend will be this coming autumn. These going-out necessities have multiplied in design, fabrics and structure.

They’re varying to basic wardrobe staples to intricate pieces that complete any fabulous look. They’re even transitioning into actually being comfortable to wear- makers are ditching the awkward buttons and making these items easier and more fashionable to wear.

Another questionable item of summer: bikinis with any sort of sleeves. Whether they be off-the-shoulder cuffs or full on long sleeves, I wouldn’t recommend bringing sleeves to the beach. Just thinking about those tan lines should deter anyone from buying these swim tops.

Last but not least: fidget spinners. This toy created to help kids with learning disabilities focus in class has become a HUGE trend this summer to a point of spiraling out of control. Kendall Jenner was even seen using a fidget spinner as an accessory to her outfit to match her Louis Vuitton fanny pack. This trend leaves the population begging to know if gadgets and toys will become a fashion statement or will be tossed in the trash once the hype dies down.

Leaving these trends behind leaves much more room to grow next season.

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