Album Review: Mancino | “Manners Matter”

Danielle DiMaggio

Released: January 30, 2007

Why it rocks: Mancino, an indie band from Brooklyn, N.Y., has released its debut LP “Manners Matter.” This album may come as a surprise to listeners who are not familiar with Mancino’s previous work. The quality of the album is impressive, considering this is the band’s debut LP. The music is psychedelic and funky and will have you tapping your foot and grooving to the beats. The opening track of the album “Circus Scabs” is anything but a disappointment. Mancino has a sound that reminds me of a mixture of Spoon, Islands and The Beatles. Overall, “Manners Matter” is a melodic indie album that is definitely worth checking out. There isn’t one bad song on this album. Each song is catchy and fun, and it will keep you entertained.

Song worth downloading: “L’Amour (Or Less).” This song features instrumentals that are similar to the band Islands, which will definitely grab your attention.

Our rating (out of five): * * * *