QU Quiz: Are you love struck?


1. February rolls around and your feeling about it is:

a. Ugh. I hate it! Valentine’s Day is such a stupid holiday.
b. Sweet! Shortest month of the year. Who cares about Valentine’s Day?
c. You have Valentine’s Day all planned out and can’t wait to see your sweetheart.

2. When couples stroll through the Quad holding hands:

a. You are disgusted. Get a room!
b. You smile, wish you had that for a moment and then quickly forget about it.
c. You are that couple.

3. Your opinion on Valentine’s Day cards:

a. Pointless past 4th grade.
b. Cute, especially when you get them from family and friends.
c. Adorable. You take forever picking out the perfect one.

4. The agenda for February 14th is:

a. A typical Wednesday. Classes, library, bed.
b. Movie with friends.
c. Romantic date with your sweetheart.

Mostly A’s
Cupid missed his target.
Don’t be such a grouch. Forget the love part and show a little love to your roommates.

Mostly B’s
Cupid’s arrow brushed your shoulder.
You may not have a Valentine but that’s fine with you. Maybe next year.

Mostly C’s
Completely love struck.
Cupid hit you hard and this holiday is a big deal. Don’t go too overboard, though. Show love to those around you as well.