Album Review: Jeff Epstein | “It’s Not a Fantasy”

Meghan Driscoll

The artist: Jeff Epstein of Laurel, Md. is a former Quinnipiac student, from the class of 1981. He has been writing songs since the age of 8 and says that his style is “similar to that of James Taylor and Michael Franks, and in some cases the Loud Family.”

Why it doesn’t rock: His debut album “It’s Not a Fantasy” is an overall disappointing CD. Epstein can best be described as the William Hung of American folk-rock music. The album consistently delivers unpleasant vocals and sub par lyrics. The only pleasant aspect of this album would be the guitar in the background, which would have sounded much better without Epstein’s voice singing along.

Song worth downloading: “Unwell.” This is a cover of the Matchbox 20 hit and is the best on the album due to its familiarity. You’re better off sticking with the real version.

Our rating (out of five): *