5 minutes with: John Lahey, Quinnipiac University President

Jennifer Rosenbaum

What is your favorite food?

All Italian food, but Vermicelli with white clam sauce is my favorite and I make it myself.

What did you want to be when you ‘grew up?’

It was different when I went to college. As long as you went, you could do anything with your degree. My mother was a teacher, so I thought I was going to do something in education.

Finish this statement: ‘If I wasn’t president of Quinnipiac, I would be…’

A maitre’D or a restaurant owner because I like talking with people and a good meal.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Dealing with students. There is something about the energy that 18-22 year olds have that other people just don’t. I love going to a sporting event and everyone decked out in their gold and blue screaming for our team.

At the dedication ceremony, did you ever make it to the bobcat and rub its paw for good luck?

No, I didn’t at the dedication ceremony, but at the unveiling with the donors I rubbed the front left paw.

Where have you always wanted to travel but never had time?

I have been to all the great cities, New York, Paris and Ireland. I have been fortunate to travel to these cities, so right now I would have to say that a night at home with my wife and kids sounds great.