It’s that ‘Greek’ time of year again

Olivia Higgins

Every fall the Greek Community holds recruitment for all its’ organizations so students can split off and find their place in the community and organizations can gain new members. But Greek Week is when all those organizations come together.

“Greek Week is an annual week-long celebration, sponsored by the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life with the purpose of establishing bonds throughout the Greek community.” Samantha Dyar, Greek Week chair said.

Dyar works with the Greek Week committee and advisor, Bianca Waffenschmidt, to put together a week’s worth of special events for the Greek community at Quinnipiac University to celebrate each organization and what they have done for the Quinnipiac community as a whole.

Dyar and her team also bring in a competitive component to the event by awarding points for each event, which then leave one organization at the end who is declared the “winner” of Greek Week for that year.

Greek Week 2017 kicks off with one of their main events, Greek God and Goddess on Tuesday, April 4 at 9:30 p.m. in Burt Kahn Court, in which one member from each sorority is nominated to compete in three different categories of Toga, Talent and Formal wear for the title of “god” or “goddess.”

The week continues with food trucks on Thursday April 6th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. that donate proceeds to St. Jude’s Hospital, then a social media trivia and photo challenge for different Greek community members to interact, and ends with their infamous Lip Sync, in which organizations team up and put on a musical skit on Saturday, April 8 at 7 p.m.

Kelcey Connors, Greek Week representative for her sorority Alpha Delta Pi, loves this event because it brings together the entire Greek community.

“Greek Week is really meant to be a fun week for the Greek community,” Connors said. “We get to spend time bonding with our sisters/brothers and get to know fellow members of the Greek community better. It’s definitely also a time to show off our sisterhoods and brotherhoods and get the chance to really support each other.”

Dyar also dedicates her time to Greek Week because of how it brings all the organizations together each year, and focuses on four core values: leadership through strength of character, growth through intellectual excellence, service through civic engagement, and community through diversity and inclusion.

“Although, there is a lot of fun and excitement that surrounds Greek Week,” Dyar said. “The main focal point is to focus on these values and to always incorporate a philanthropic aspect into the week, which is why we always choose a yearly charity to donate to and encourage our members to create Big Event teams which count for “Greek Week points.”

By teaming up fraternities and sororities and adding an element of competition, Dyar believes the Greek Community as a whole is strengthened and united through this week full of events.

“Greek Week has always been a part of some of my most memorable and positive experiences in the past three years in Greek life here at Quinnipiac, and so I wanted to be able to get more involved and contribute back to the week,” Dyar said.

Emma Horn, a freshman psychology major involved in the Kappa Delta sorority as the organization’s Panhellenic Delegate, is excited to be involved in Greek Week as a part of the skit during Lip Sync.

“This upcoming Greek Week is a way to unite Greek life under one event. Kappa Delta is so excited to see everyone come together through several events. Many sisters are looking forward to the food trucks and to show off their hard work at Lip Sync,” Horn said.