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SURVIVOR: Spring Break

SURVIVOR: Spring Break

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I was pretty excited to be back at Quinnipiac after spending the last three days covering men’s ice hockey in the North Country of upstate New York.

Getting back to main campus means seeing your friends, taking in the beautiful scenery this school has to offer and making yourself comfortable in your dorm.

None of this happened when I got back from St. Lawrence University.

DAY 1, 4 P.M.

It was basically just me, Public Safety and some squirrels all bracing for the ensuing blizzard that was about to hit the East Coast. Now since I’m from southern California, I’ve never been in a full-on blizzard before, so I had no idea how to prepare for something like this.

Questions like, ‘Was I going to be able to go outside tomorrow?,’ ‘Is anyone else going through this with me?’ and most importantly, ‘Will the cafe even be open?’ were swirling in my mind. So, I did what any 19-year-old college student would do in a time like this; I called my mom. She is also California-born, so that conversation didn’t really help me out past the “Make sure you eat well” talk.

DAY 1, 6:30 P.M.

Luckily, the Quinnipiac women’s basketball team had its ESPN Selection Monday showing

at TD Bank Sports Center. I met up with our wonderful sports editor, Max Molski, who was kind enough to take me frozen food shopping because the Judge Phillip Troup residence hall has no kitchen.

After a pretty exciting aisle-to-aisle venture, I came back to my empty eight-person suite and prepared for the next 24 hours inside. I immediately opened my suite’s front door and let out a Macaulay Culkin-esque scream throughout the empty building.

DAY 2, 1:30 P.M.

With no direct roommate, I felt absolutely zero pressure of sleeping in, so I woke up at 1:30 p.m. because I’m an adult and I can do that sort of thing. Music was blasting from the get-go and nobody could tell me otherwise. The day started out super solid.

Once I settled in and started my day, I decided to go blizzard-watching from my confinement. That definitely wasn’t one of my most exciting moments, but it was at least something to do. I missed out on the bulk of the blizzard, but nonetheless I can confidently report that there was a lot of snow.

DAY 2, 5 P.M.

Originally, my agenda included testing out each of my suitemates’ beds, but Residential Life closes their rooms during spring break checks, so I couldn’t do that. I did the next best thing and tried really hard to break into the other three rooms in the suite… for science.

Major kudos to Public Safety, I was unable to get into any of their rooms.

DAY 2, 9 P.M.

The day dragged along as expected. I was on my second microwaveable meal of the day — microwaved mashed potatoes are better than you’d think — and just about ready to give up staying on campus for the next two days.

I was browsing looking for flights, then I snapped out of it and knew I had to find friends that were still on campus. Luckily, I realized members of the pep band were at Mount Carmel, waiting for their flight to the NCAA Women’s Basketball Regionals in Coral Gables, Florida.

With that revelation, I got in contact with a friend from pep band and prepared for some rare human company. As I stared at my phone waiting for a “Read” message to pop up, I fell asleep on the common room futon, bumping music, without any fear of a suitemate or custodian waking me up.

DAY 3, 12:30 P.M.

The day started with a complete upgrade from any Troup breakfast, with waffles and croissants at my friend’s kitchen in Hill. I was humbled to be there.

On the way back to Troup, I thought about stopping for a water bottle at the Ratt, and for the first time in my collegiate career, I was a little bit upset it was closed. It’s tougher than it seems to go a few days without seeing the boys, Chester and Chris.

DAY 3, 7 P.M.

Finally, I watched my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs play with no chirping in the room from my Bostonian suitemates. So what, they have a city in which major sports teams have won 10 championships in 15 years? Fine. My team hasn’t won in a few years and only blew one 3-1 lead. Whatever.

I tried sleeping on the other common room couch and then briefly on my direct roommate’s bed (hey, Zach), but it felt way too weird. Night Two was spent in my own bed, but I left the door open knowing however late I slept in, nobody would wake me up.

DAY 4, 8 A.M.

I woke up to my phone ringing. My ride is outside waiting for me. I had been so worried about having a good time on-campus that I forgot I had to go to Lake Placid for more men’s ice hockey.

Having the campus to yourself is definitely not as fun as it might seem.

A huge takeaway from the time alone was to appreciate the people that surround you with while at school. Sometimes, it might seem like alone time is out of reach when the constant bombardment of people is in full motion. Taking a step back and making the most of peer presence while it’s available, should be taken into consideration with summer around the corner.

It was an interesting couple of days to say the least, but when all said and done I survived a spring break on Quinnipiac campus.

And I’m not even an athlete.

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