QU Quiz: Do you have school spirit?


1. Your opinion on the school mascot is:

a. Love him! You tried out to be him.
b. Think he’s fun but wonder how hot it gets in his outfit.
c. We have a mascot?

2. The opening game is on Sunday. What are your plans?

a. You are going and can’t wait!
b. You are a bit bummed that it’s sold out, but plan to attend other games.
c. You didn’t know there was a game. You could care less.

3. In your wardrobe there is:

a. Lots of Quinnipiac gear: hats, sweatshirts and shorts.
b. A few QU t-shirts.
c. Nothing with the name Quinnipiac on it. Your parents bought you a sweatshirt but you gave it to your roommate.

4. When you are asked your opinion of Quinnipiac you say:

a. How much you love it!
b. That you like the campus, but some things are lacking.
c. You hate it.

Mostly A’s
You got spirit, yes you do!
You are full of school spirit. You love supporting the school teams in blue and gold. Go ‘Cats!

Mostly B’s
You’ve got some spirit.
You wear the occasional QU hoodie to show off the school, but you don’t get crazy.

Mostly C’s
Where is your spirit?
You have no school spirit whatsoever. Follow the example of some A’s and you may find yourself having a bit more spirit.