Editor Speaks Out


Things are so easy now and so much has changed. We may not think it, but because of time and technology, not only are we getting lazier as a whole, but we are getting things handed to us. We’ve all heard and hated the expression, “when I was a kid.” probably from our parents. But because things have changed so quickly, I sometimes catch myself saying it now. It makes me almost ancient, and I’m only 19.

Phones for example; we all used to just have a family telephone. Pay phones used to be everywhere. You’d pop in a quarter and make a phone call. Now, I can’t even tell you the last time I saw someone use one. Everyone has their own cell phone, even kids. I see nine-year olds walking around the mall on their cell phones. Who could you have possibly been calling when you were nine? It just seems crazy how much has changed in the past 10 years.

Kids seem to be much older too. We can all remember and flinch at that awkward preteen phrase. With disproportioned bodies, growing into our faces and our teeth; thank God, being straightened with braces, we were a mess for a year or two. Faces were covered in pimples, girls getting growth spurts and boys’ voices cracking. Now it seems that many kids are skipping that phrase and just magically morph into older teenagers.

They are exposed to things that we never used to see. Soap operas were always forbidden in my house, but I used to try and sneak them anyway. Now there are soap operas targeted to teens. Episodes are about who is sleeping with whom and who was drunk the night before at the house party down the street. Stuff that as an 11 year old, I didn’t even think about.

Shows have changed too. One of the most popular shows growing up was Saved by the Bell. Zack Morris. Girls loved him and guys wanted to be him. Now we have shows about rich kids who get their parents to throw them ridiculous and pointless parties.

So many things have changed from when I was a kid. I can’t imagine what it will be like in ten years, and I’m afraid to find out.