Fun Facts about the TD Banknorth Sports Center


The building includes:

2,178,309 fasteners
346,680 labor hours
130,300 square feet of roof (3 acres)
120,110 concrete blocks
80,115 bricks
13,300 square feet of glass
9,774 cubic yards of concrete
2,510 gallons of paint
2,470 tons of steel
1,875 fire protection sprinklers
602 tons of steel reinforcing within concrete
166 miles of electrical wiring, excluding telephone/data wiring
16 miles of plumbing and mechanical piping
12 miles of piping under ice hockey surface
1 bronze bobcat

More fun facts:

$52 million was the total cost of construction
410,000 cubic yards of rock and earth were moved to build the center
300,000 pounds of explosives were used to blast the rock
180,000 square feet make up the building
3,570 seats fill the basketball arena
3,286 seats fill the hockey arena
240 acres make up the York Hill campus
135 seats fill the university club area
83 workers on average labored at the center during each day of construction
62 contractors worked on the athletic center
58 suppliers provided materials
10 locker rooms hold the teams’ equiptment
8 restrooms accomodate visitors
6 scoreboards broadcast the games’ progress
5 concession stands sell food inside
4 teams utilize the facility
2 merchandise shops sell Bobcat gear
2 arenas (hockey and basketball) are contained within the complex