A Legend is Born


The Indian spirit, Hobbamock, was doomed to eternal sleep when a spell was cast over him, but his ferocious companion, a stealthy giant bobcat with vibrant blue and fiery gold eyes was spared such a fate. Hobbamock now sleeps soundly belly-up, forming the peaks of the Sleeping Giant Mountain. Today, the confident and devoted bobcat loyally defends its now sleeping giant and all that falls in its shadow. From time to time, the bobcat can be spotted around campus watching over our school. Legend says that the bobcat will allow no harm to come to those swift and brave enough to rub its paw.

This bobcat statue encourages us to “Live the Legend” and rub the statue’s paw for good luck. Under the bobcat’s watchful eye, Quinnipiac will forever be a safe haven for its students.