Album Review: Kiss Kiss | “Reality vs. The Optimist”

Michelle Collins

Release date: February 2007

Why it rocks: This rock album is unlike most other rock albums. Like most of its predecessors, this one’s got the occasional screeching vocals accompanied by harsh electric guitar and angry lyrics. However, Kiss Kiss is a 5-member orchestral rock band, incorporating the violin and other unusual instruments in their melodies. Plus, this band’s got a female (Rebecca Schlappich) who provides some of the vocals.
Kiss Kiss also has a great balance of angry, powerful songs (“Machines”) as well as more emotional, calmer tracks (“Stay the Day”). The use of the violin and synth also add originality to their tracks, which makes this album refreshing at a time when most albums are beginning to sound the same.

Song worth downloading: “Vagabond”

Our rating (out of five): * * * *