Sequels, action flicks dominate 2007 releases

Kaitlyn Yeager

2007 appears to be the year for the movie buff and the sequel-lover. Over the course of the next year, many largely anticipated movies will be released. According to, these are the movies that everyone should keep their eyes on during the upcoming year.

“Transformers,” to be released July 4, is about an intergalactic war between transformers (robots that can change their shape). The movie is based on the popular toys and will feature a combination of live action and CGI graphics.

“Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,” with a release date of June 15, is setting out for a larger audience than its predecessor. In this sequel, the Four battle it out against the Silver Surfer, a super-being that has come to destroy the earth.

“National Treasure: The Book of Secrets” will be released Dec. 21. In this sequel, treasure hunter Ben Gates turns his eyes to the Civil War era, trying to find out the truth about Abraham Lincoln’s murder by finding the missing pages from his assassin’s diary.

“Evan Almighty,” set for a June 22 release, features Evan Baxter, the anchorman from “Bruce Almighty.” In this sequel, Evan is told by God that he needs to build an ark to escape a second great flood.

“His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass” is set to be released Dec. 7. It follows Lyra Belaqua, a young girl in Oxford, as she journeys to save her uncle and her best friend from the evil Mrs. Coulter, while encountering many strange people and experiences.

“Live Free or Die Hard,” also set for a July 4 release, is the next movie in the “Die Hard” series. It follows John McLane as he attempts to bring down a terrorist organization based within the Internet.

“The Bourne Ultimatum,” set for Aug. 3, is the final movie in the “Bourne” trilogy. In this installment, Bourne tries to finally figure out his past, all the while dodging agents that want him dead.

“Spider-Man 3” will be released May 4. Spider-man finds himself faced with three new enemies: the new Green Goblin, Venom and Sandman. In addition to this, something happens to his suit that turns it black and also makes him become a darker person.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: at World’s End,” with a release date of May 25, is the final film in the “Pirates” trilogy. Will, Elizabeth and the newly reintroduced Captain Barbosa have to sail to the end of the world to find and rescue Jack after his fate at the end of the previous movie.

“Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” will be released July 13. This fifth Potter film follows Harry into darker times in the wizard world, now that Voldemort has been resurrected. Everyone has suddenly become anxious and wary, and Harry is faced with the added burden of people’s disbelief of his version of recent events.

With so many anticipated blockbusters hitting the big screen, 2007 will undoubtedly be an exciting year for movies.