Secret Santa

Annie Patch

Anything homemade. It’s inexpensive, but also shows you put time and effort into your gift for them.

A personalized gift card to a person’s favorite store. This way, you don’t have to worry about them not liking it. They can buy whatever they want/need. Now you can put anything on a gift card so it can be specialized just for them.

-Scratch tickets. Who wouldn’t want a chance to win some money?
-A season of a person’s favorite show on DVD.

If you still need help remember these tips when shopping for a gift:

-Make your gift fun and lighthearted
-Try to match the persons known interests and hobbies
-If the swap is not with a specific person but put in a pool make sure it is uni-sex, you don’t want a guy to end up with make-up.
-Have fun with it!