7 notable celebrity tweets

Mary-Catherine Dolan

With the social networking Web site Twitter.com on the rampant rise, more and more people are turning to it to hash out their daily feelings, diatribes and complaints. Twitter currently has tens of millions of users, and out of that number, many celebrities have gained large followings by tweeting about their daily lives. In true celebrity form of being over the top, most offer too much information or absurdly questionable thoughts. Here are seven recent celebrity tweets that were comically thought-provoking or were just better left unsaid.

“Note to anyone who gets a nose job, take off you tape in the shower after it is wet!”
– Heidi Montag on discussing her 10 new plastic surgeries. Updated Jan. 20.

“Just move on, let Tiger out of the woods…”
– Jeremy Piven commenting on the Tiger Woods scandal. Updated Nov. 30, 2009.

“lil man just had an atomic poop. lol. how can something so small let out so much poop lol. k have good day everyone!”
– Kendra Wilkinson on her new son Hank Baskett IV. Updated Jan. 7.

“Just read my Rolling Stone cover article. I’m still not sure if I would want to hang out with me.”
– John Mayer on his colorful January Rolling Stone interview. Updated Jan. 19.

“He’s been so good to me though. Cuz he’s been there for me ever since My Wife passed away & Takes care of me when I’m sick…”
– Tila Tequila on how her new boyfriend is taking care of her after the death of wife Casey Johnson. Updated Jan. 29.

“Something about 2010 makes me feel like a child again..enchanted places with brighter colors turning my dreams into a vivid picture book :)”
– Jessica Simpson reflecting on the New Year. Updated Jan. 8.

“If Betty White had given the State of the Union address last night, I may have enjoyed it more. Betty White DELIVERS on her promises!”
– Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton commenting on President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. Updated Jan. 28.