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    Second student response to Greenstein’s e-mail

    Editor’s Note: This is the second student response, written by Chronicle staff writer Erin Miller, to Ross Greenstein’s e-mail to the Quinnipiac community following his resignation as SGA president.

    The Chronicle’s article on Greenstein’s resignation can be viewed here.

    Hey everyone,

    The statement you all just received states that all of the people at Res Life will not listen to complaints. While this is true, it is also sad. If they are in charge of Residential Life, they should be concerned with the wants and needs of everyone on campus. The recent judicial procedures, no matter what the charge, have been done so without understanding and simply with the goal of preserving the “image” of the university. I ask, what “image” are you protecting when you assume the role of a hypocrite and have different procedures for different people. It is common knowledge that certain individuals whom occupy different roles at the university are treated differently. There is absolutely no reason for Ross to have had to resign based on the frivolous allegations which he was not even present for. When students can urinate on a girl in the middle of the night, and still occupy a spot on the Bobcat Roster, I question Res Life’s fairness and their thought process in this incident, as well as many others.

    I ask the director of Public Relations, what image are you protecting when the Student Body President is forced to resign due to unfair treatment while the general public is much more concerned with the fact that two students urinate on a student, were arrested, and are still here, still athletes? Maybe another PR plan is necessary, because I would not be surprised if our school ranked in the top 10 of Number One Hypocritical Campuses in the US, if there were such a list. Certainly with that ranking we would get more money and recognition right?

    And by the way, of all people, who better to have a right to complain than Greenstein. He WAS the student body president, and now is unable to fix the problems at the university, due to an overflowing garbage can.

    I urge everyone to respond to anyone in whichever manner you chose. Any opinion and voice is better than nothing, and although close-minded in the past, maybe Res Life will respond. It is time for a change, and it can’t happen unless people speak up.

    Have an awesome break and good luck on those last exams!

    Erin Miller
    Quinnipiac ’09

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