Greenstein’s first e-mail to Quinnipiac community


Editor’s Note: This is the first e-mail sent to the Quinnipiac community by former SGA President Ross Greenstein, who was forced to resign in late November. The e-mail was sent Dec. 13.

The Chronicle’s article on Greenstein’s resignation can be viewed here.

Hey everyone,

As many of you may already know, my name is Ross Greenstein and I was Student Government President. I have recently resigned from my position as President due to being put on disciplinary probation by the office of Residential life. To explain to you my situation, I was put on that probation because I was found responsible for “Creating messes and/or littering on campus or in a university-owned building” and “Overloaded wastebaskets”. After appealing that decision and submitting letters from all of my roommates stating that I was not in my room when this mess was made and I indeed had nothing to do with the situation, I was still held responsible because I viewed the mess after the fact while I stopped by my room for minutes. According to Residential Life, I failed to either clean up after my roommates in the brief amounts of time I was there and/or failed to report to Res. Life that there was a mess of trash in my room. This in turn led to my resignation from Student Government.

I personally feel that this type of treatment towards students is unfair and needs to be changed. Whether it is the Student Government President or any other student, I would truly hope that no student, regardless of involvement on campus, would be sanctioned this way. Students have been put on disciplinary probation for things as serious as underage drinking, alcohol distribution, having binge drinking paraphernalia, and even physical confrontations. I reference the incident as of late concerning the two students and their alleged sexual assault on a young woman, and the lack of response from Res. Life. It seems to me that every decision made at Quinnipiac is driven by either money or the national prominence of the university – no matter the impact it has on the students. Whether inappropriate and unfair sanctions are being placed on students, the radio tower is being taken down eliminating the student radio station, the 1.9% service charge for putting money on your Qcard that is normally placed on the vendor (in this case the university), or packing excessive numbers of students into the residence halls in violation of Connecticut state law, these are things that make us unhappy and angry.

It is time for us, as students (and for many of you as student leaders), to take a stand and do something about it!! The administrators cannot ignore large numbers of students as they have ignored the small numbers in the past. It is up to us to make our years at Quinnipiac what we want them to be and up to us to hold the administrators accountable. So let’s do just that.

The email you all received a few days ago from Lynn Bushnell, the Vice President for Public Affairs of the university, was in regards to me and this situation. I am asking you to please follow my lead and respond to this email. Respond to them with your feelings about them emailing the whole Quinnipiac community, your feelings about the Res Life and the judicial system, and asking for answers to the questions I’m sure you all had. Feel free to write whatever you feel necessary. Tell your friends and roommates to do the same and forward this email to people. I understand if you do not feel comfortable doing this and do not hold it against you, but in order for this and any future plans I put together to be affective, I need student support and large numbers. Please be proactive with me and help me get our rights back and our voices heard.

Please send your responses before we leave for break to Lynn Bushnell (and if you feel comfortable add any or all of the following) Manuel Carreiro, Kathleen McCourt, Monique Drucker, Jolynn Hamilton, Melissa Murtagh, and Cindy Porter.

Thank you all for your support. I appreciate anything you can do to help. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and if I do not see you before break, have a great holiday.

Thanks again,