Basketball players arrested after urination incident

Two freshmen basketball players, James Feldeine and Trevon Charles, who were involved with an incident involving urination, were arrested Nov. 17 on campus by Hamden police.

Trevon Charles, 18, from Queens, N.Y. was charged with fourth degree sexual assault, second degree unlawful restraint and breach of peace. He was being held for a $25,000 bond. The second player, James Feldeine, 18, from New York, N.Y., was charged with second degree unlawful restraint and breach of peace. He was being held for a $10,000 bond. Both players are schedule to appear in the Meriden Superior Court on Dec. 1.

After an initial story was released Nov. 13 by The Chronicle, Captain Ronald Smith who handles press relations for the Hamden Police said that police had already begun investigating a complaint of sexual assault on Nov. 2. The victim, a first-year Quinnipiac student, said that Charles and Feldeine joked about urinating on her.

She then claimed that on Oct. 19 she was leaving a friend’s dorm room when Charles and Feldeine grabbed her by the arms and pushed her into the men’s bathroom. The players didn’t allow her to leave before she ran in the shower. She turned the water on before Charles urinated on the back of her leg.

The victim claimed she fled the bathroom before reporting the incident to a resident advisor and that Feldeine and Charles have also sent harassing e-mails to her since the incident.

In a statement released to the New Haven Register by Vice President of Public Affairs, Lynn Bushnell, “We are aware of the incident. We have taken appropriate disciplinary action against the two students who were involved.” According to Bushnell, one of the players has been suspended from the basketball team for the rest of the season.

Charles was not with the team at the home opener against Concordia Nov. 22 at Burt Kahn Court and Feldeine has played limited minutes.