Basketball players suspended

Doug Manners and Dana Owen

Two Quinnipiac men’s basketball players were suspended last week after an incident with a first-year student involving urination, according to Quinnipiac security.

Trevon Charles, an 18-year-old freshman communications major from Jamaica, N.Y., and James Feldeine, an 18-year-old freshman from Washington Heights, N.Y., were prohibited from staying on campus pending a judicial hearing that occurred last Friday. After the hearing, both players were placed on deferred suspension, which the QU Student Handbook describes as a “suspended removal from Quinnipiac University for a period of time.” If either of the players commits any other violation, the suspension would take effect immediately. Both players, who resided in Dana English Hall, were back on campus and attending classes as of this past Monday.

The incident occurred on the night of Thursday, Oct. 19, according to the victim, who declined to comment on the timeline of events but confirmed the identities of the players and that the incident involved urination.

She is upset about the university’s response regarding the incident, saying that both she and her mother contacted the university and “no one [would] tell them what’s going on with the situation.”

An acquaintance of the victim who has been appraised of what happened said the incident occurred in a men’s bathroom in Dana when the victim was followed into a stall by one of the players and urinated on while the second player held the door of the stall shut. She said that the victim’s screams attracted a nearby Resident Assistant to the scene.

Reached on Monday, one of the players involved, who did not want his name used, confirmed the results of the hearing, and acknowledged that the incident took place, but said that the victim was not urinated on directly.

Quinnipiac spokeswoman Lynn Bushnell said in a statement that “the university does not comment on disciplinary matters.” Chuck Menke, a spokesman for Quinnipiac Athletics, agreed, saying “I’ll have to let [Bushnell’s] reply serve as our statement.”

The victim said that she is unsure about whether or not she will be pressing formal charges with the police.

According to their roommate, freshman Casey Cosgrove, who is also a basketball player on the team, Charles and Feldeine no longer live in the room. He would not comment further on the matter.

According to Sophia Pantelides, a senior lacrosse captain, President John Lahey spoke with Quinnipiac athletes last spring following a sexual assault that occurred at Duke University involving lacrosse players. The speech was in an effort to prevent such incidents from happening at the university and addressed how Quinnipiac administrators would handle such a situation.

Chronicle editors Brendan Dowding, Alison Feller and Christina Stolfi contributed to this article.