Don’t be lazy

Christina Popik

The transition from high school to college is interesting because the time you spend in class is basically cut in half, so you have a lot of free time to play around with. Seems great, right? “More time to lay in bed or watch Netflix” is what you may be thinking, but is it really how you should be spending your downtime? Not exactly.

Quinnipiac offers close to 200 organizations on campus to get involved in. There is a club for any interest you have, so there is no excuse to not be a part of something. Instead of spending your free time doing nothing productive, I encourage you to join something.

Especially as a freshman, it is important to get involved during your first year. First, it is a great way to meet people and make friends. Second, if you are unsure of what you want to do major or career-wise, it is a good way to explore your interests. Third, the earlier you join, the more of a chance you have of earning a leadership position in your club, which will look good on your resume. For anyone looking to get a job right out of college, I recommend joining at least one club for your major, as it will allow you to further your knowledge of your field by practicing what you learn in the classroom on a real-world level.

For me, joining The Chronicle was one of the best things I have done. I am an interactive digital design major, and being a part of this organization taught me so much about design. Of course, I have learned a lot from my classes, but being able to practice the skills I have learned and use the design programs every week has definitely helped advance my work.

I came into college not really sure if I wanted to stick with graphic design, but this organization made me sure that I am on the right path. Over the past year, I have fallen in love with design and have become so passionate about my major. I owe that all to the Chronicle. I saw an opportunity and seized it. Because I put the work in, I will hopefully look more desirable to employers when I graduate, because I’ll have more experience than some of my peers.

Quinnipiac is a great school with tons to do and, let’s be honest, if you’re paying this much for a private university, you might as well get the most out of it. Don’t let time pass you by while you are here. Before you know it, you’ll be a senior wishing you did this or that.

We are no longer teenagers in high school, so the time for slacking off has passed. Try your best to get good grades, especially in classes for your major, because if you don’t, you’re really only hurting yourself. Attend events on campus that interest you. Join organizations. Meet people and make connections. Find your passion. This is YOUR time to shape who you are and build a life for yourself. Turn off Netflix, get out of bed and make your dreams a reality.