Rave: QBSN highlights strong female athletes

Afsha Kasam

The first issue of this semester’s Quinnipiac Bobcats Sports Network (QBSN) Magazine came out on Oct. 21 and the cover appears to be a hit. The subject of the cover is three women standing firm and looking strong in their athletic gear.

[media-credit name=”Erin Kane / Chronicle ” align=”alignright” width=”300″]img_3917[/media-credit]

“It’s kind of like a Trinity, it’s symbolic,” senior Thomas Larracuente said. “The triangle is the strongest shape.”

The women are this year’s field hockey team captains. The cover features, in order from left to right, Savanna Reilly, Angie King and Michelle Federico. This cover recognizes the fact that women’s field hockey is gaining momentum and that there is female leadership among athletes.

Female athletes are hardly acknowledged in the general media.  ESPN’s “SportsCenter” dedicated 2 percent of its airtime to women’s sports in 2014. If women’s sports are covered, the primary focus is on basketball, not on sports such as field hockey, according to USC News.

Another great part of this cover is the fact that the captains are hardly smiling. Growing up, I was always told to smile all the time. It was frustrating.  When females do not smile, we are seen as mean and ungrateful. However, when men do not smile, they are seen as tough and intelligent.

Why is the term “resting bitch face” so popular? I do not see “resting asshole face” appear in everyday language. It is because society thinks females should be dainty all the time. That should not be the case.

These women remind us that we do not need to smile and that we can excel in areas that are thought to be run by men. -A. Kasam