Wreck: Walmart “suicider” costume

Madison Fraitag

Halloween can be pretty disgusting. It often seems like people are only dressing to scare or seduce. While some people actually do manage to create an amusing, good-natured costume, the majority suck. I thought we had seen the worst of the worst with these damn clowns. Clearly, I was wrong.

[media-credit name=”Photo courtesy of creative commons / Mike Mozart” align=”alignright” width=”300″]mike-mozartcreative-commons[/media-credit]

For the very affordable price of $3.99, Walmart planned on selling “Razor Blade Suicide Scar Wound Latex Costume Make Up.” Yeah, you read that right. Somehow this mockery of mental illness and self-inflicted wounds got past all of the higher-ups at Walmart and was being sold for money. Thankfully, enough people signed an online petition to remove the product, according to pix11.com.

Walmart released a statement explaining and apologizing for the incident.

“The costume is appalling and it was unacceptable for a third-party seller to list it on our marketplace,” the statement said. “It clearly violated our prohibited items policy and we removed it yesterday morning when it was brought to our attention.”

Despite Walmart’s reasoning, this is still horrendous and unacceptable. Mental illness is a serious topic, especially on the impressionable youth who easily could have gone online in search of the perfect costume and seen this. It is extremely disheartening that grown people still do not take this seriously. Costume or not, mocking mental illnesses is not okay, and as of right now, neither is Walmart. -M. Fraitag