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    Students get their daily dose of digital

    Imagine what life must have been like 20 years ago. No cell phones, mp3 players and no Internet. Life was simpler back then and your biggest concern dealt with ‘how am I going to get home over break?’ and not ‘should I get the new RAZR?’

    Technology is all around us and is only becoming a more integral part of our lives. We now have cars that park themselves and are able to place our orders online for food. Increasing use of technology, in particular the cell phone, has revolutionized how we stay in contact with each other.

    “I think I could live without my cell phone, but it would be extremely difficult and very annoying,” said Kara Walsh, a sophomore public relations major.

    Today’s cell phone is so much more than a cell phone. Many are cameras, organizers and mp3 players. Instead of having a separate alarm clock many students just use their phones.

    “I use my cell phone as an alarm clock,” said David Palley, junior interactive digital design major. “Mine has a cool feature where you can set a Monday through Friday alarm clock so that I don’t need to worry about it on the weekends.”

    Theoretically, instead of taking a phone, an mp3 player and a camera somewhere, you can just take a phone that has all three.

    “I would doubt anyone would be able to live without technology. They would feel disconnected from the rest of the world,” Angel Montanez, a junior psychology major said.

    One of the most popular uses of a cell phone ironically enough doesn’t have to do with talking, but texting.

    “I probably text everyday, especially to Verizon users because it is free,” said Vincent Mercandetti, sophomore broadcast journalism major.

    “I text for many reasons. The first is it’s easier to express yourself through a text message than on the phone sometimes because you don’t have to deal with the human element of emotion. At times it is the only form of communication you can use in a quiet place without being a distraction, for example the library, and finally it’s a portable service because you more than likely always have your phone on you but you can’t bring your computer everywhere.”

    The Internet and e-mail have forever changed the world as we know it. Instead of having huge department stores with many overhead costs, the average consumer can build their own Web site and sell their product to the whole world. Auction based Web sites, such as Ebay and Ubid, can’t survive without the Internet.

    Many students feel as if they couldn’t live without the Internet.

    With e-mail and instant messaging, it is much easier for somebody to stay in contact with friends or relatives.

    No longer is there a need for postage or waiting; communicating with friends is now instant.

    As we rely more and more on technology only the future can tell us what the next innovation will be.

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