Poor ‘Outlook’ on email

Charlotte Gardner

[media-credit name=”Screenshot courtesy of Outlook 365″ align=”alignright” width=”300″]emailprobs[/media-credit]

As I’m writing this wreck right now, my email cannot be opened because “an error” has occurred. There is no description of the error or why the error has been caused. There is simply something wrong that isn’t identified. Just settling into the format of the old email, I was confident in using the site and composing messages to my peers and professors. Then, without an announcement, the email system completely changed.
When this happened, it locked me out of my account for no apparent reason, making me miss important messages from the School of Communications, my job and my professors. In addition, the new format makes the emails all look the same in the inbox, so at first glance, it’s hard to find the one I’m looking for right away. Another flaw to the new email layout is that when I log off and then log back in, emails that I have previously read still display as unread. This causes me to reread almost every email that is sent to me in order to make the notification disappear. Since the phantom unread emails are wasting my time, this issue with the inbox should be resolved.
Speaking of phantoms, every now and then I get locked out of my email because apparently the account I’ve been using was somehow just created 24 hours ago. Now how does that make sense? It doesn’t. Microsoft Outlook needs a new outlook on their email system because I’m really starting to miss the chunky font and yellow background of the old email, which slipped through my fingers like sand.