Album Review: Citizen Cope | “Every Waking Moment”

Garret Woodward

The artist: Citizen Cope
The album: “Every Waking Moment”

Why it rocks: Blending genres like vegetables in a V8, Citizen Cope is an artist who serves up a healthy diet of music for all who have the pleasure of discovering. Riding the success of 2004’s “The Clarence Greenwood Recordings,” Clarence Greenwood, a.k.a Citizen Cope, is back with his new release.

Right out of the gates “Back Together” opens the record with a catchy and soulful feel; a definite find for any Cope fan. As the album progresses, we find ourselves in the midst of Greenwood’s pain, happiness, love lost and love found in the slow-paced tracks “Every Waking Moment” and “More Than It Seems,” while “Brother Lee” takes it up a notch with a sound four out of five doctors recommend. Upon hearing the melodic “John Lennon” one can feel the political, religious, and social angst Greenwood is experiencing in this time of war and great change. Rounding out the disc is the instrument strewn “Awe,” and poignantly acoustic “Left For Dead.”

On his third try, Citizen Cope has struck gold. All the potential his fans felt they were capable of finally has been delivered in this eleven-track LP. Do yourself a favor: clear your schedule, get this album and give your musical body a hearty dose of what all the cool kids are listening to.

Song worth a second listen: “Back Together”

Our rating (out of five): * * * *