Stranger things have happened

Amanda Perelli

[/media-credit] The Netflix original series “Stranger Things” is full of very raw and relatable characters, making the show something that everyone can enjoy.

Netflix’s newest original series “Stranger Things” has turned the television game upside-down with a “Twilight Zone” feel and a Stephen King approach. The show will mess with your mind in a way no other Netflix show has before. Once you’re done watching, you’ll be Googling when the next season will be up.

The basic storyline is about three boys who set out on a mission to find their missing friend, Will. Along this journey, you are given every reason to question what you once thought was true. As they come in contact with supernatural forces, this “normal” town becomes something from a “Twilight Zone” episode.

It is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana during the 1980s. The setting plays a major role in the show by creating a perfect small-town feel. The ‘80s were a time of heightened anxiety towards the supernatural and the government, making the characters’ reactions more believable. The lack of communication at that time enhances the story, because many times the characters are left alone without cell phones or GPS tracking for their parents to find them.

Each of the characters are raw with relatable problems and none of the Hollywood glam. The actors are all close in age to the character that they are playing. A majority of the show takes place in a high school setting, but unlike shows such as “Teen Wolf,” these characters look like they belong in high school. They have pimples and they dress appropriately for that era. This aspect  adds to the authenticity of the show, giving the audience something they can connect to. In a series where the plot is mainly focused around fictional events this small detail is one of the reasons it is so successful.

“Stranger Things” is more than just a creepy show. You’ll laugh, cry and squirm all throughout the eight thought-provoking episodes. With just the right amount of humor, it will give you a reason to laugh even after it gets serious.

Each character fits in perfectly, bringing in another layer to the story. While the storyline remains the same, there are also so many new relationships unfolding. You will be emotionally invested in your favorite character without even realizing it. As the characters struggle through all too familiar life lessons and countless heartbreak, you will feel like you’re there with them. By the end of the eighth episode, you will wish you are a part of their friend group.

Although “Stranger Things” is categorized under the horror genre, the show is not nearly as scary as shows like “American Horror Story.” If you are worried you may be too scared to watch it, give it a try. This show deserves an eleven out of ten. Stop keeping the “curiosity door locked” and get watching because the creators of the show, the Duffer Brothers, have confirmed that season two is on its way.