Season tickets now available for hockey, hoops

Brendan Dowding

As construction on the TD Banknorth Sports Center nears completion, another plan is in the works to help fill the seats.

For the first time in school history, season tickets are now being offered for all men’s and women’s ice hockey and basketball games.

“The first-ever offering of basketball and hockey season tickets is a defining moment in the history of Quinnipiac athletics,” said Val Belmonte, Vice President of Athletic Marketing and External Relations. “We are very proud and excited to offer affordable, low-priced tickets to the new state-of-the-art TD Banknorth Sports Center for our fans, alumni and students.”

Although the new sports center is not scheduled to open until Jan. 27, the package will still be offered this season. All hockey games played before that date will be held at Northford Ice Pavilion, while basketball games will remain at Burt Kahn Court. Tickets for those games are included in the package as general admission.

Eric Grgurich, Director of Promotions and Ticketing at Quinnipiac, has been doing a great deal behind the scenes to ensure that the season ticketing system is a success. For Grgurich, the job is a two-pronged process. First, there is the issue of promoting the various ticket packages so that sports fans will fill up the new arena. Secondly, Grgurich has to put the tickets in the buyer’s hands after they purchase them.

Since this is the first time that season tickets have been offered, and the arena opens early in 2007, Grgurich has had to hit the ground running.

“We just started to market with some preliminary advertising,” Grgurich said. “We’ve placed some ads in the New Haven Register, the Connecticut Post and the Hartford Courant. As time goes on we will promote all year long, every year. Next year we want to do more promotions, giveaways and things that are community-based.”

Grgurich looks to promote the new arena and ticket packages on campus as much as possible up until the grand opening. By building up school pride among students, faculty and staff, he hopes to have a full house at the TD Banknorth Sports Center into the foreseeable future.

Even students are encouraged to order season tickets should they desire to do so.

“Students can buy their own [season tickets],” Grgurich said. “We already had one student whose parents bought him a season ticket package.”

There has already been some demand for tickets in Hamden and surrounding towns since word of the new packages reached the public.

“The response has been very strong amongst alumni, the local hockey community and in North Haven,” Grgurich said.

Even after people purchase tickets, Grgurich’s job is only half over. He then has to make sure they actually get their tickets.

A new software system is being installed which will allow fans to buy tickets live online a week prior to a certain game. For now, those fans that purchase tickets online will have to go to the ticket window at the arena and pick them up there. But Grgurich is working on a way to have the tickets sent out so fans will be prepared before they even get to the game.

Students who are interested in attending games also have several options, aside from season tickets. Between 400 and 500 free student tickets are available for each game, and should all those tickets get scooped up, students can buy their tickets online or over the phone like the general public.

Grgurich wants to attract students to the new ticketing packages by setting up a table in the cafeteria and eventually one in the recreation center.

Dedication Week kicks off Jan. 27 at the new center with a host of games and promotional events, where Grgurich will continue to promote the ticket packages. From there he hopes to build a following that will fill up the seats at the TD Banknorth Sports Center for years to come.

For more information on the ticketing process, call 877-TIXS-4-QU or visit