What’s on your ipod?

Ryan Mathe

Arctic Monkeys
“Leave Before the Lights Come On”

This upbeat single by the British indie-rock sensation tells an almost comical tale of a night out on the town and the bad decisions that usually accompany such a night.

The Libertines
“Can’t Stand Me Now”

A strikingly personal back-and-forth battle between lead singers and lifelong friends, Pete Doherty and Carl Barat.

Ok Go
“Here It Goes Again”

Best known for their hilarious, self-choreographed videos, Ok Go makes great music without taking themselves too seriously.

The Kooks

A soft, catchy single off The Kooks debut album ,”Inside In/Inside Out,” which has the same mellow appeal as OAR with an indie rock edge.

Bloc Party

This track off their best-selling album “Silent Alarm” combines Bloc Party’s distinct sound with relevant lyrics that talk about the struggle between being popular and staying true to your self.

“Start of Something”

A soft yet energetic song from the relatively new Austin-based band Voxtrot. This track is strangely reminiscent of something you might have heard in the 50’s, yet has a distinct new feel to it.

Gnarls Barkley
“Smiley Faces”

Just as catchy as their immensely popular single “Crazy,” with the same gospel/hip-hop sound that has made them so popular.

Dirty Pretty Things
“Bang Bang, You’re Dead”

This song comes from former Libertines front man Carl Barat’s new band Dirty Pretty Things. The emotion and effort put into the record can be heard in some of the bitterly personal lyrics that, at times, sound like angry attacks directed towards former friend and band mate, Pete Doherty.

The Killers
“When You Were Young”

This new single, off The Killers new album “Sam’s Town” (released Oct. 3rd), continues to deliver the same kind of synthesizer-aided pop-rock that made their last CD such a hit. This new CD has a more extravagant feel to the instrumentals, coupled with vocals that sound reminiscent of a young Bruce Springsteen.