Rave: “Powerpuff Yourself”

Nisha Gandhi

[media-credit name=”Screenshot Courtesy of PowerpuffYourself.com” align=”alignright” width=”300″]powerpuffyourself with background[/media-credit]

In preparation for the re-launch of a popular 90s series, Powerpuff Girls, Cartoon Network has created a website called “Powerpuff Yourself” (PowerpuffYourself.com) which allows users to create their own Powerpuff Girl/Boy. This website gained immense popularity over the weekend; social media feeds have been flooded with people turning themselves into Powerpuff Girls.

With a variety of different skin tones, eight different kinds of eyes, mouths, facial hair/features and costumes, 14 different kinds of eyes/glasses, 17 different pants, 16 different tops, 32 hairstyles, 26 accessories and six backgrounds, the possibilities are, essentially, endless.  There’s no way that you wouldn’t be able to recreate a version of either a Powerpuff Girl or Boy that appears to be an exact replica of yourself or even your friends and family members. After creating your own Powerpuff Girl/Boy, you can share it on virtually any social media platform, including your friends’ Facebook walls.

This idea is absolutely genius. Advertising tactics that involve bombarding viewers with constant ads and promotional deals actually do more harm than good because they get so overwhelming.

However, this is different. Having an interactive, in-website app such as this one allows for users to generate a “buzz,” so to speak, about a particular show on their own. By allowing people to share themselves recreated as a Powerpuff Girl on various social media platforms, Cartoon Network was able to effortlessly create a hype about the release of this classic show. –N. Gandhi