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    The dating scene at Quinnipiac

    It seems as though Quinnipiac students come to college with one of two agendas: finding their soul mate or having fun and hooking up with people. Whether single or taken, these co-eds are mingling with one another.

    What exactly is the dating scene like at Quinnipiac? Students had a lot on their minds when it came to relationships and members of the opposite sex.

    Quinnipiac has an overwhelmingly uneven ratio of women to men. The school’s student body is made up of 63% women and 37% men. While some of the male community views this as an overall advantage, some women feel slightly pessimistic about their chances of finding potential boyfriends.

    “I think the ratio makes most female students, including me, feel like there is less of a chance to find a good guy out of such a small percentage,” junior Tara Williams said.

    Some of the men at Quinnipiac surprisingly feel like they are at a disadvantage when it comes to finding a girl.

    “The problem is every girl at this school has someone not from this school,” junior David Palley said.

    On the other hand, some guys feel that the large percentage of girls is in their favor. “As a guy, one of the perks of attending Quinnipiac was that the ratio was the 60 to 40 percent”, senior Jason Driscoll said.

    What do people look for in a boyfriend or girlfriend? Does personality seems to be the most popular trait that students look for when deciding whether or not to date someone? Male and female students seem to think that someone who can be themselves, has a good sense of humor and can carry on a conversation are some of the most important qualities, while being cute or somewhat attractive falls behind.

    “I think someone that I get along with and have more in common with has better boyfriend potential rather than a hook up,” sophomore Eliza McKendree said.

    “If I’m just looking to hook up, I’ll see you after the bar on Thursday night,” Driscoll added.

    So what is a better idea in college, casually hooking up or being in a relationship? It all depends on what an individual person is looking for.

    “I think most college students are looking to hook up, but everyone is different,” sophomore Jason Braff said.

    However, freshman Ryan Lanza said, “I prefer relationships. That’s just how I roll.” Some people also come to college thinking they will find their future husband or wife.

    Walking around campus you can’t help but notice the established couples happily strolling hand in hand. When you attend a party on the weekend it’s hard to divert your attention from people eagerly finding someone to flirt with. Attached or single, the choice is up to you.

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