Album Review: Project 1.9

Michelle Collins

The band: Project 1.9

The album: “Broken Images”

The Low Down: The Boston-based band Project 1.9 is made up of Ross Hopman, Adam Tabas, Nate Stearns and Dave Snell. After developing a fanbase by performing in bars and clubs in Boston, New York and other areas throughout the northeast, the four Northeastern University friends have released their self-produced debut album featuring new versions of old favorites.

Why it rocks: “Broken Images” is a good first attempt for an album, especially for young guys juggling their college and music careers. However, the lead singer’s raspy vocals make and break several tracks on the album, and their melodies are nothing original. Project 1.9 sounds how Lifehouse probably did ten years ago. The band did produce this album themselves, which is always respectable.

Our rating (out of five): * * *