Quiz: Are you a procrastinator?


1. On Monday, you get an assignment in class due the following Monday. You:

a . Look it over and think of ideas for the next few days.
b. Shove it into your folder and remember it a little after midnight on Sunday night.
c. You write it in your agenda book and hope to have it done before the weekend (so you won’t have to worry about it).

2. You have a monthly newsletter to send out. The night before it’s due:

a. You finish it up from the draft you made a week ago.
b. Are flipping out and typing away late into the night.
c. Already have it finished and ready to send out.

3. Your dorm room is a complete mess. Reason being:

a. You’ve had a busy and stressful couple days.
b. Every time you attempt to clean it, you get distracted and ignore it.
c. It’s never messy, everything has its place.

4. You do the best work:

a. When you’ve thought and planned it out.
b. When you are under deadlines and pressure.
c. Always – you are a focused worker.

5. You want to have a huge party before
winter break. You:

a. Figure out when and what you’ll need.
b. Plan it out, but only if people will help.
c. Have it all planned and priced a week in advance.

6. You are taking this quiz because:
a. You don’t have tons of work to get done at this very moment.
b. You are sitting in class and ignoring the teacher.
c. You just like quizzes.


Mostly A’s
You get work done with enough thought and time. You balance what you want with what needs to be done pretty well. Keep up the good work!

Mostly B’s
Always waiting until the last minute, but hey, it does get done! You work best under pressure, so what is the point in finishing it early then, right?

Mostly C’s
On top of it. You are organized and get things done in plenty of time. You must be a good student, leader and director. Don’t be impatient with B’s slower way of things.