DeLoma bows out

Jamie DeLoma

A letter from the editor:

Over the past two years, I have had the honor and privilege of serving as editor in chief of The Chronicle.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of serving as editor was walking through the hallways, classrooms and streets of the university and seeing students, faculty, staff and administrators – like you – growing more informed by reading our product.

However, delivering a regular gauge of campus life would not be possible without a large support structure. First and foremost, I must thank The Chronicle’s managing editor and my best friend, Nancy Hall, for making sure that everything comes together. In addition to looking out for the best interest of this weekly publication, she looked out for the editors, staff and me and worked diligently to make this organization something that is fun to work on; she truly helped to make this the best newspaper it could be.

Next, the paper would most definitely be nothing without Margarita Diaz who spent countless hours working towards instilling accuracy in our product, commitment to our readership and greatness in journalism in all of us. Professor Diaz, the journalism advisor to The Chronicle never turned her back on the organization or its writers. Despite numerous panicked calls to her, she never turned her back on us.

Cara Jenkins, the student-center liaison to The Chronicle, also benefited The Chronicle tremendously. She worked to ensure that despite differences, communication flowed between the university and the newspaper staff. She also worked to ensure the business-side of the newspaper flowed naturally and without interruption with business manager, Brendan McKeon.

Obviously, I would be doing a major disservice, if I did not thank the 2005-2006 editorial board for giving their literal blood, sweat and tears to the organization they regarded more as job than a university club. Without their constant and passionate dedication to The Chronicle, the readership would suffer and the organization would splinter. With that said, I thank those individuals who started as editors and became family for their unwavering dedication and commitment to journalistic excellence:

Bethany Dionne (campus news editor)
Meredith Somers (features editor)
Allison Corneau (entertainment editor)
Dana Owen (life/styles editor)
Ellen Schwartz (photo editor)
Mike Miglaccio (online editor)
Doug Manners (sports editor)
Brendan McKeon (business manager)
Lisa Odierno (head copy editor)
AJ Atchue (opinion editor)

In addition to these individuals who labored to deliver polished, accurate and timely copy to the Quinnipiac community, a number of individuals contributed to our weekly publication and cannot be forgotten. Although I cannot list every individual who has aided our efforts to deliver our readers the finest and most timely news, sports, opinions, features, columns, cartoons, delays and cancellations on and off campus, the following list recognizes the individuals who have gone well beyond what anyone could have asked of them and never asked for anything in return for their dedication to us:

Anne Hines
Chris Kurker-Stewart
John Morgan
Renee Boucher
Prof Cindy Simoneau
Professor Kenn Venit
Michael Patrick
Janet Waldman
Dean David Donnelly
Professor Rich Hanley
Scott Hazan
Jon Abraham
Professor Grace Levine
Prof B Schwanbeck
Prof K Schwanbeck
Professor Ray Foery
A Dean Rick Hancock
Professor Russ Barclay
Barbara Baker
Angela Bird
Dr. Kathleen McCourt
President John L. Lahey
Professor Carolyn Nuzzi
Families of the ed. board
Professor Stan Katz
Scott Maltz
Jeff DeHaan
Ben Shapiro
Dean Manny Carreiro
Dean Hans Bergman
Keith Woodward
Phil Carolla
Chief John Twining
Nicole Kurker-Stewart
Charity Stout
Monique Drucker
Student center workers
Frank Oliva
Conn. Post copy desk
Professor Sean Duffy
Prof M Monshipouri
Donna Pietruski
Steve Geller
Mark Antonucci
Anthony Vindigni
Megan Grant
Eric Brenner
Dorm Rd security guard
Professor Paul Janensch
Professor Lisa Burns
Jenn Corley

However, despite all of the assistance support and vigilance of those helping from outside of the organization, our paper would be nothing without the phenomenal talent of The Chronicle staff. These individuals have put their very beings on the pages of both our print and online product. Without each and every one of you – we would be nothing and I sincerely thank you for your continuous efforts to discover new and exciting stories to deliver to the campus community every week.

To those individuals who will join me on the stairs of the library in just under a month at graduation, I wish you the best of luck in everything that you do. Quinnipiac University holds a special place in my heart because of those individuals I am honored to call friends – many of whom are from the ranks of the class of 2006.

Speaking of which, The Chronicle will be losing a lot of talent this year. Those on the 2005-2006 editorial board graduating on May 21 include:

Nancy Hall Bethany Dionne Meredith Somers Allison Corneau

Ellen Schwartz Mike Miglaccio

Working with an organization like The Chronicle is very unique and very special. When one is privileged to work day-in and day-out with a group of individuals who share a similar passion for something and who also genuinely want to have a good time, eternal memories are formed.

As for the future, I wish Dana Owen, Doug Manners, Lisa Odierno, AJ Atchue and the rest of the 2006-2007 editorial board the best of luck in guiding the future of The Chronicle. I am confident you will lead a successful and prosperous organization.

In the words of one of the greatest reporters ever, ABC Newsman Bill Beutel,

Good Luck, and be well,

Jamie DeLoma
Editor in Chief
The Chronicle