When mom comes to college

Alison Feller

College: a time to get away from home and, of course, those pesky parents. That is, unless Mom or Dad works at the same place you’ve chosen to “get away.”

For junior Sarah Grady, this is exactly the case. Grady, a junior public relations major from Cheshire chose to attend Quinnipiac even after knowing she would be having daily run-ins with her mother, Deborah Grady.

Deborah Grady works as the secretary in Quinnipiac’s office of financial aid. She is also a part-time student here, currently completing her final semester before receiving her BA in Liberal Studies in May. Deborah began working at Quinnipiac eight years ago in the Bursar’s Office and thought Quinnipiac would be a great fit for her daughter.

“I thought it would be fine with us at the same place,” Deborah said.

According to the Grady women, life on the same campus isn’t difficult or awkward. In fact, the two seem happy to have each other around.

“Sometimes I’ll see [my mom] randomly around the student center, the caf