Wreck: Stop award show commentary

Nisha Gandhi

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I’ve always been a fan of award shows, however, recently, as social media has taken over our world, I’ve started to hate them.

Scrolling through my Twitter timeline on Monday night was actually painful for me. Almost every tweet I read was negative commentary about the Grammys. People I follow were complaining left and right about who “deserved” to win an award and getting into fights with each other about who should have won with little to no logical support to back up their claims.

I truly apologize if you enjoy reading these tweets but personally, I find them extremely annoying. The way I look at it, everyone who’s nominated is doing something right. Whether or not I agree with the lyrics or the format of their acceptance speeches, these nominees are working insanely hard to make their dreams a reality and that’s more than I can say about myself.

It’s a little ridiculous that people get into very real and very heated fights with their peers over who they think should have won and to be honest, it’s ruining the fun of award shows. They’re supposed to be for entertainment, so that we, as an audience, can gawk over the gorgeous gowns and be exposed to new things in the entertainment world, not so that we can sit on our couches with a bag of chips feverishly typing away on our laptops trying to have a full blown argument with someone online using just 140 characters at a time.

It’s time to stop this social media madness and go back to enjoying award shows for what they are: entertainment and a reason to hang out with all your friends.  –N. Gandhi