QU baseball team allegedly involved in hazing ritual

Doug Manners

POSTED 5/18/06 AT 10:11 P.M. EDT

Photographs that allegedly show members of the Quinnipiac baseball team taking part in a hazing ritual have surfaced on the Internet.

The Web site badjocks.com has four photos that feature young men dancing in diapers, wearing thongs on their head and a woman who is lying on the floor covered with whip cream. The people in the photos were not identified.

“We’ve seen some pictures that have come to our attention, but it’s not clear to us that our baseball players are involved in anything that raises concerns,” John Morgan, Quinnipiac Director of Public Relations, said in a statement. “We’re looking into it.”

The photos were originally found on the Web site webshots.com, a free online photo sharing site. Badjocks.com provides a link to the complete album, but the photos can no longer be found at webshots.com.

According to Quinnipiac’s Web site, the University opposes any activities involving hazing, which it defines as “any action taken or situation, on or off campus, intended to create mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, ridicule or possible mental or physical injury.”

The Web site lists several examples of what the University considers to be hazing, which includes requiring members to participate in degrading or humiliating games, wear apparel publicly that would not normally be in good taste, or throw things at other members.

Northwestern University suspended its women’s soccer team Monday after badjocks.com posted pictures of team members involved in an alleged hazing incident. In the photos, young women are standing in a line blindfolded with their arms tied behind their backs.

Quinnipiac is one of 12 schools featured as a part of the “Dirty Dozen” at badjocks.com, which is published by radio personality Bob Reno. Other schools with initiation photos posted include Fordham, Princeton, Wake Forest and the University of Michigan.

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