Album Review: ‘The Like’ has much to offer on new CD

Kendra Butters

Making it in the music industry is a challenge in and of itself. However, it is even more challenging for female musical acts to transcend the negative stereotypes and rise to the top.

Fortunately for The Like, their unique sound may be enough to surpass the negative connotations and succeed. Their potential is clearly heard throughout their debut album “Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?”

The Like is made up of bassist Charlotte Froom, drummer Tennessee Jane Bunny Thomas, and vocalist/guitarist Z Berg. Their unique names alone foreshadow the different style the band has to offer the music world.

Although members of The Like are extremely young, having just graduated high school in 2004, the music they offer is way beyond their years. The record starts off strong with the catchy track “June Bloom” that immediately grabs the listener’s attention, making them want to hear more.

Each track adds variety to the album. Berg’s complex voice is both soulful and youthful at the same time. Also, the strong vocals are backed with catchy guitar riffs and drum beats.

Not only is the music original, but the lyrics are also unique and not something you would hear while turning the dial on the radio today. Although some tracks are about the everyday heartbreak, other songs provide a vast array of historical and literary references.

Though the track “The One” sings that “I’ll never be the one you love,” The Like’s CD is bound to be a summertime favorite. The tempo and beat of “June Gloom,” with its carefree lyrics are sure to provide a perfect summer listening experience. It is difficult to compare the sound of The Like to another band. However, the CD is worth the investment.

The Like’s musical maturity heard on “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” crushes all stereotypes about girl bands. Although they are a young, all female band, they have an obvious talent for not only writing original music but also lyrics.

Give this track a second listen: “June Gloom”

Our rating: 3.5 stars (out of 5)