Wreck: These printers ain’t loyal

Christina Popik

On the first day back at school, I already found something worth wrecking: the unloyal Quinnipiac printing service. Needing to print out our syllabi, a friend and I went to the library before our 11 a.m. classes. I kid you not, every single printer in the library was out of order. Then, we went to the Student Center and tried a printer in Tator Hall and in the student organization suite and had no luck there either. The only place left to look was at the Communications building where we luckily found a working printer, but it was in use, so we could not print the syllabi that our professors insisted we print before our classes.

[media-credit name=”Julia Gallop” align=”alignleft” width=”197″]IMG_2013[/media-credit]

This not the first time this has happened, and I feel as though this problem should have been fixed before students came back to school. It should be anticipated that the printers will need to be used, even on the first day of school. Not everyone can afford a printer on top of everything else we pay for here, so it is crucial that students have easily accessible WORKING printers. Also, it is not clearly advertised which printers have only black ink. Countless times I have printed things in “color” only to find out that it was going to come out in black and white. Not only is that an annoyance, but a waste of extra money I am spending on color ink when I only get black. –C. Popik