Fetty’s coming our way

Nisha Gandhi

After last Friday’s reveal, everyone on campus is getting excited for the Wake the Giant concert in April. We sat down with Alex LaMagna, the Mainstage Chair for QU’s Student Programming Board to get the scoop on this popular event. Even though it seems far away, make sure you get the details down so you don’t miss out!

3,500 tickets are expected to go on sale mid-February. The last time they sold out was six years ago when Ke$ha performed.

Q:When and where is the concert?

A: April 22 at the Basketball Arena on York Hill.

Q: It was on a different date previously, right? It was during finals weekend? Why did you change that?

A: It wasn’t always on finals weekend but for the last two years we did it on the last day of classes. The administration liked that, but I thought that it was rough for people who had already started studying for finals. Like the health science people are already in the zone, so I wanted to make it earlier so that people could all enjoy it

Q: Where/how do you buy tickets?

A: It’s going to be on the portal for games. The link is going to be sent out via campus life email. We’re thinking mid-February for undergraduates. We don’t have the exact date yet so if people follow @QUSPB on Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter, as soon as we know, you’ll know.

Q: Are there different kinds of tickets? How does the pricing work? Is there a limit?

A: For undergraduates, floor is going to be $25 and seating is going to be $20. For grad students and alumni, their tickets will go on sale mid-March and their floor will be $30 and seating will be $25. We wanna give undergraduates first choice. You can purchase up to two a student so you and a registered guest can come.

Q: How’d you guys get Fetty Wap? How does that process work?

A: So we work with a middle agent and find people according to budget, date and availability. We booked him in November actually and it was right after the concert survey went out. We had an overwhelming response for hip hop and in the open responses, a lot of people said Fetty Wap. I knew that he was going to be the perfect choice for this school, so I worked really hard to get him and he happened to be in our budget so it worked out really well.

Q: I know a couple years ago, you guys had Capital Cities and the turnout wasn’t as great. Do you guys go based on the turnout every year when you’re picking people?

A: No. we do it based on the survey. With the Capital Cities, something happened behind the scenes with Capital Cities and that’s why we ended up getting them. We do know what students want and we try really hard to get it, it just happens based on contract stuff and availability and budget which a lot of people don’t realize.

Q: Is there anything you want to add that people should know about the concert?

A: No, just get excited! We’re intending for this one to sell out, which, it’s been awhile since we sold out a concert. We’re really pumped.

Photo Courtesy of SPB.