Schweitzer Institute promotes humanitarianism on campus

Jessica Dunn

Are you interested in medicine, animal rights, cultures, Africa, community services, nuclear proliferation, music and/or human rights? Well, one man, Albert Schweitzer, was interested in all of these things. He worked hard in Africa to doctor the sick while also tending to his other joys in life and writing about worldly issues. Schweitzer was a very interesting and devoted man whose philosophy of “Reverence for Life” was shown through his passion toward all living things.

Since 2002, The Albert Schweitzer Institute has supported Schweitzer’s philosophy at Quinnipiac University by offering unique educational experiences, a museum, and lectures to the Quinnipiac community. The Institute is located on the corner of New Road and Mount Carmel Avenue. The Institute is currently shifting gears from their meaningful program in Nicaragua to getting ready for an event featuring Kerry Kennedy.

“The Institute’s role at Quinnipiac is to encourage young adults to expand their horizons to global perspectives in the areas of humanitarian values, health-care and peace,” said David Ives, the institute’s executive director.

The most recent program of the Institute was its annual alternative spring break trip to Nicaragua where students learned the impact of volunteerism. Most students were forever changed by their experience. While other students were most likely basking in the sun of Florida, or Mexico, approximately thirty students traveled to L