Album Review: Planeside’s efforts fall short

Kendra Butters

Unfortunately for Planeside, listeners can do nothing but cry over the release of their sophomore album “Milk.”

The CD tries to make a bold statement with “My Sweet Revenge,” saying “here’s to breaking boundaries.” However the band does not even come close to doing so. Planeside simply sounds like a heavier version of Nickelback.

“Milk” bombards the listener with fast drum beats brought together with heavy bass and catchy guitar riffs. Though it starts off strong, it goes downhill fast.

Planeside misses the target entirely in their attempt to create innovative music. The introduction to each song sounds identical to that of the one before it. Two songs show a weak effort to add variety to “Milk” by having one bass and one drum intro.

Planeside also tries changing it up with the intro to “Two Messages,” which starts slowly and eventually picks up the pace. But this forty-second attempt of variety is futile.

The repetitive music is not the only downfall of “Milk.” What little hope remains for halfway decent musicality is crushed by poorly written lyrics. The lyrics to “Aunt Polly’s Dream” offer little to enhance the quality of the CD. Lines such as “sweet Aunt Polly was a looker/she was looking for a good time.things got tough, she couldn’t keep up and rumors started to fly/people are saying ‘Polly what’d you do?'” destroy the possibility of a good song. Weak lyrics are a dominant pattern throughout the entirety of the record.

Although “Milk” misses the mark with lyrics, Planeside may have accomplished what they set out to do. According to the band’s biography, they say rock ‘n’ roll “in its purest form rock has always been dripped sweat and oozed blood with an air of reckless abandon.” The only beneficial contribution Planeside makes to the music world is the raw intensity heard in each track. Nonetheless, the CD is not worth a second listen.

Where might you have heard Planeside before? ESPN used four songs by the band on the Major League Baseball 2K5 video game. Five Planeside songs were also featured on the NHL 2K6 video game.

Overall the CD disproves the theory that milk does the body good. In Planeside’s case, you are better off without it all together.

Give this track a second listen: “My Sweet Revenge.”

Our rating: 1.5 stars
(out of 5)