SPB to sponsor Carlos Mencia performance

Allison Corneau

Quinnipiac’s Student Programming Board is set to bring popular comedian Carlos Mencia to Hamden as part of the university’s annual May Weekend celebration. The host of his own Comedy Central series, “Mind of Mencia,” now in its second season, Mencia offers a brand of observational comedy that focuses on current events and political personalities.

The event was organized by SPB comedy chair Susan Watson, who has been a member of the programming organization for the past three years. Students may remember that typically the main event for May Weekend includes a musical act. However, the successful standup performance from Dane Cook two years ago led Watson and her staff to invite another comedian to make the campus laugh.

“When May Weekend officially started on Thursday night years ago, SPB would program a main stage comedian one night and a main stage musical act the next,” Watson said. “When May Weekend was shortened to two days, only one act was able to be booked with the budget. (Cook’s May Weekend performance proves) having a comedian isn’t a new thing to any student currently on campus.”

Targeting various ethnic groups and parodying current pop culture trends – “Mind” loyalists may remember the comedian’s recent “Brokeback Mountain” parody – helps Mencia appeal to a variety of fans. Undoubtedly it also earns him a handful of detractors. Even so, Watson is optimistic Mencia will receive a warm Quinnipiac reception.

“Carlos brings a different brand of comedy than most people. He is not afraid to tackle issues,” Watson said. “Although some people find his material controversial, he challenges all subjects equally.”

Watson is confident that the student population will come together and enjoy Mencia’s comic stylings.

“One of our main issues when programming for a campus wide event is finding an act to satisfy the wants of an entire campus community,” Watson said. “Not every QU student likes the same type of music, but everyone can listen to and enjoy watching and laughing with a comedian.”