Wreck: Hover away, please

Kelly Novak

The rise of technology has made people lazy. People would rather talk to each other on FaceTime from the comfort of their bed than meet with a friend in person. We start relationships and friendships with a text message, and sending a friend request to someone on Facebook means you’re friends in real life (which is not true, just so you know).

I guess being apathetic with our interpersonal relationships is spilling over into our physical activity, too. Hoverboards have been gaining popularity over the past year. Celebrities like Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen have been seen riding them around and I know I’ve seen one or two QU students gliding around on them, and here’s what I have to say about these gadgets: they’re stupid.

I’ve always had a problem with segways, and these are like segways, but more dangerous because there’s nothing to hold on to. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t seen more injuries. Rumor has it one brave Bobcat used his hoverboard to get up York Hill. How long did that take you, buddy? You didn’t break any bones? Also, why can’t you just walk somewhere? How hard is it to use your two feet? These hoverboards aren’t even that fast. Why are we adding to the complete laziness of the human race with these things?

Plus, if you happen to purchase one, they are illegal to use in New York City and there have been countless incidents in the UK of hoverboards exploding, according to CNN. If you don’t take the batteries off the charger the minute they are ready to go, the $750 you just spent will probably go up in flames the next time you use it.

While the benefits of technology are endless, hoverboards aren’t worth it to me. I can guarantee that you won’t catch on fire by just walking down the street…. –K. Novak