Rave: ‘Finding Dory’ trailer debuts

Amanda Perelli

June 17, 2016 marks the day we have waited 13 years for. It’s the day the movie “Finding Dory” is scheduled to release and we will once again be reunited with our friends under the sea. If you are reading this and thinking that you are now too old to be watching such a movie, then you are lying to yourself because everyone needs some Disney in his or her life.

Disney movies teach us lessons, have impressive animation and bring back great childhood nostalgia. For now all we have is a two-minute trailer provided by the amazing Dory herself, Ellen DeGeneres. The trailer is posted on her YouTube channel, so go check it out. You will experience some of the best moments from the first movie remade, such as when Dory remembers something important, but then forgets it a moment later.

Dory continues to struggle with her memory loss in this movie, and as the title suggests, Nemo and Marlin will go on a quest to find her. The reversed roles provide for an interesting twist and provoke a question we all want answered: Will Dory ever get her memory back? For now we can only hope…and wait seven more months until we find out.

While we wait we can continue to re-watch the adorable trailer and get excited to see the movie unfold on the big screen in exciting 3-D. And Ellen, if you’re reading this, please give us more trailers and just keep swimming. –A. Perelli