Familiar faces, popular revivals comprise Broadway’s spring season

Will Karvouniaris

The glitz, glamour and glow of Broadway is about to enter its spring 2006 season and that means 15 new plays, musicals and revivals are about to enter New York City. It’s probably one of the most diverse introductions to Broadway ranging from a stage version of “The Wedding Singer” to the Disney jungles of “Tarzan,” but it will definitely be a very high-selling season for Broadway’s entrepreneurs. With familiar faces like Julia Roberts and David Schwimmer on the stages this season, this spring will definitely be a scorcher.

The Newbies:

“Hot Feet”: An infectious, heart-stopping, new dance musical- the most recent creation of Tony-nominated dancer Maurice Hines and Earth, Wind and Fire’s very own Maurice White, features hits like “After the Love is Gone” and “September.” “Hot Feet” follows an ambitious young woman named Kalimba (Vivian Nixon), who dreams of becoming a renowned dancer. Competing with dancers who have just as much drive and ambition as she does, Kalimba finds herself deterred by a mother who wants only to protect her, a lover’s desire to control her, a choreographer’s love for her, and a pair of red shoes that determine her fate.

“Well”: This play comes straight from Off-Broadway where it was hailed by the New York Times as “wonderful and delirious.” “Well,” starring Lisa Kron as herself and Jayne Houdyshell as her mother, is filled with “plenty of bright one-liners and priceless tales of embarrassment.” “Well” deals with Kron’s personal experience of spiritual healing and a comedic coup d’etat breaks out. The actors critique the script, Lisa’s memories conflict with her flashbacks, her mother (Houdeshell) interrupts with her own opinions. Kron finds herself in danger of losing control.

You’ve Seen It in the Movies:

“The Wedding Singer”: This brand-new musical comedy is based on the 1998 movie of the same name which starred Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore as a singer and a waitress engaged to be married to the wrong people. Robbie Hart (Stephen Lynch) is New Jersey’s #1 wedding singer and the life of every party until his own fianc