Chonicle Column: A letter of concern about May Weekend

Brendan McKeon

Dear Quinnipiac,

You are playing with fire. To take away alcohol from a weekend that is synonymous with drinking is a huge mistake. Like a Quinnipiac vs. UCONN basketball game, things don’t look good for us.

I have lived in Hamden my whole life. Yes, there are drunk driving accidents that happen very often. My hypothesis is that these accidents will increase when students are forced to drink off campus.

Here is a better plan: Continue to turn a blind eye to on campus activity and position Hamden police officers with breathalyzers at the entrance to every gate the University has. Invite commuters to bring sleeping bags to campus and open up the gym or alumni hall and have a big university sleepover until people sober up. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this will reduce accidents.

With the announcement of no alcohol on campus for May Weekend comes another blow to the tradition. Originally the Friday of May Weekend was University Day: A day for faculty and staff to mingle with the students in a relaxed environment. Not many on campus except certain staff member remember this great tradition.

Eventually May Weekend will disappear altogether and there will be no major highlight in the Quinnipiac year. What is being done to save Quinnipiac public relations’ headaches will only produce more. Here’s another heads up for Quinnipiac, the May Weekend debauchery will now be transferred to another weekend, and it won’t be pretty.

If the campus holds to a dry campus policy for this May Weekend, maybe some student organizations should take different nights to be cab services for others. Or maybe the student affairs department can look into running shuttles throughout town more so then usual. If no shuttles, maybe they can provide home phone numbers in case people need rides. Like my mom always said, “Call me. No questions asked.” Maybe student affairs will take up the same policy.

As a side note: In my rants against the university, I feel that one group needs to be challenged. My fellow students, prove me wrong. When you are off campus at parties please designate a driver, or call a cab. It’s so simple. But that word of advice can go beyond designating a walker and a good set of eyes every night. Friends don’t let friends take the ugly guy home. A little humor in another wise heavy topic.